Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter For Mrs.ZB

Dear Mrs. ZB,

The reason i wrote this letter because i dont know how 2 speak with u.. And when i wrote this letter i also dont know what and how i want 2 write.. err 1stly IM SORRY.. very2 sorry ok..

Never think to make u hurt but all the thing happen is undercontrol ok.. im not try 2 keep some secret with u and  if i think like that why must i told u that im @#%& kan.. Its just all about time.. I need 2 be brave enough 2 tell u about that.. Im sorry again because i know u realy2 angry with me.. Im sorry " from my last hair 2 my last leg" ok..

Hope u read this letter and forgive me before 24hours.. its because for me when i make u feel touched with everything that i have done 2 u, it make me feel 1 minute like 1 month.. so let we calculate

1 minute = 1 month
1 hour = 60 minutes
60 minutes = 60 months
60 minutes x 24 hours = 1440 minutes
1440 minutes = 1440 months
1440 month = 120 years

wahhh... so long, maybe i will die first..

That all what i want 2 say for u.. Hope u understand and  will forgive me..

jiwang x saya??

with sincerely,

P/s korang yang baca jangan gelak2 tengok english aku yg broken..aku serius ni...


  1. YA ALLAH, B! im s0 t0uched b.. sbLm awk c0L mlm td p0n sy da maafkan awk syg.. sumpah im n0t expecting that uLL wr0te this LEtter juz f0r me t0 read n f0rgive u taw .. sgt2 dedaru neh .. im s0 t0uched by this .. ure t0taLLy preci0us syg , n im s0 pr0ud 0f u c0z ure engLish is getting better day by day, n im s0 pr0ud t0 had u in my Life ..thank y0u s0 much ..i L0ve u M0RE Mr.NS .. ;)

  2. bdk nerd-terer x aku ckp ompth?hehe..
    ZB-Hehe..im cool rite?;-)

  3. superduperc0oL ! onLine di mane ? timing c0mment b Lari2 r .. pnat dah keja neh .. hehe .. ;)

  4. gna honda ex5 mmg la pnt..cb gn honda jazz plak..kehkeh..

  5. x paya nk h0nda jazz sgt ea b .. ish .. haha